Yesenia Segura

Yesenia Segura

Yesenia Segura, a passionate violinist, nurtures students' potential while fostering a deep love for music and life

Guiding Students to Discover Their Unique Melody

Applied Music, Violin, Cerritos College, Norwalk, California

Yesenia, a talented violinist trained at Cerritos College, brings both passion and technical expertise to her teaching.

She ensures that her lessons are as enjoyable as they are educational, striking a perfect balance between technique and musicality.

Yesenia's encouraging and patient demeanor creates a positive learning environment where students feel comfortable exploring and growing.

"Music is the shorthand of emotion." - Leo Tolstoy

Her ability to adapt her teaching style to the needs of individual students helps them to unlock their full musical potential while fostering a deep love for the violin.

She believes that every student has a unique musical voice, and she is dedicated to helping them discover and develop it.

I'm here to help you become a musician

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