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We teach our students confidence toward their artistic and musical goals.

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We offer a wide variety of music lessons, so you can choose the one that best suits your goals.

Clarinet lessons

The woodwind category produces a variety of pitches, with each device creating a unique sound. Playing a woodwind instrument can teach you to read sheet music, follow along with a tune, and play with other musicians.

Cello lessons

Cello or Violoncello is an extraordinary instrument that can easily accommodate sheet music written in any clef — bass, tenor, or treble — making it one of the most versatile instruments in the orchestra. Learning the cello allows you to join orchestras and offer opportunities to connect with fellow classical musicians.

Drum lessons

Some may say that if you want to play just for fun, you will need a few months to learn the basics, while to play along with the music, you will need at least more and more months of practice. However, it might take years to develop the skill if you want to play with a band. Start studying with our teachers, who can help you develop and achieve your goals.

Flute lessons

Parents are encouraged to send their children to flute lessons once they reach the age of 7 to 8; this is the perfect age range to send your child to start learning how to play the flute with us. Our teachers use various methods to keep students interested in achieving their goals.

Guitar lessons

You can start learning guitar at any age. You are always young enough to learn guitar. While younger people tend to learn faster, you can still learn guitar as a beginner, whether in your 30's, 40's, 60's, or later. A minimum of a 30-minute individual session is offered to beginners.

Piano lessons

Piano Lessons are offered to students ages four through adult. Each teacher follows a curriculum that helps each student attain their goals. A minimum of a 30-minute individual session is required for beginners.

Saxophone lessons

Like in most band classrooms, students must first learn the Clarinet before switching to Saxophone because of the fundamentals of playing a single-reed instrument. A 30 or 45-minute Saxophone Lesson and regular daily practice at home can be a source of relaxation for many people.

Singing lessons

Most students are tired of not hearing the results of their vocal skills.Our method is unique, making singing simple. We guarantee tangible results even in the first session. This ongoing progress with continued training will build the student's confidence and Personality Development as part of the student's transformation.

Viola lessons

Learning to play the Viola can take place at any time of your life. One-on-one 30 or 45-minute lessons are provided by our teachers once every week and require every student to practice daily at home with their instrument.

Violin lessons

Learning to play the Violin can take place at any time of your life. Typically, children start playing violin between 6 to 9, allowing sufficient physical, intellectual, and emotional development to tackle the instrument. The challenges of learning are fulfilling and also productive.

Arts Development School of Music

Best Music Lessons in-person

Our school in Bellflower, California, builds students through the enhancement of their passion. Where teachers are assisting them to become exceptional, extraordinary, and desired individuals in a competitive world. Each student achieves this through experience and formal quality lessons provided in their music lessons.

OuR Expertise

Why would you choose us?

Our teachers are certified graduates of recognized Music & Art Universities/Institutions worldwide.

The Best Music School

We've received "The Best Music School Award" by the California, Bellflower awards program.

We are listening to our students

We motivate and empower students to practice successfully in their areas of interest

We teach confidence

We teach confidence to our students towards their musical and artistic goals.

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Read what others say about us

My students love taking their music lessons

I have referred several relatives and friends for their kids' music lessons recently. Lessons are designed from kids interest, ability and dedication. My 3rd and 5th Grade students love taking their Tuesday Music lessons!

Jeannie & Leo L.

You will be amazed how they care about their students

Excellent! You will be amazed how all the instructors care for their students. Very clean & nice area. I highly recommend Arts of Development School of Music to everyone.

Michael P.

Friendly teachers

All the teachers that I have observed were really friendly, kind, and very accommodating to kids or adults. So far the lessons that are being taught, from what I see, are really intensive. Probably because the lessons are one-on-one and the teachers are handpicked from their expertise.

Paul Murphy Q.

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